I’m thankful for many things this past year, and especially thankful for my seventeen year relationship with the person who essentially built my career, Paul Wintner. What started with a handshake at the King’s Road Cafe – we’ve never papered any formalities – has led to a career beyond my wildest dreams. Last fall, a massive defection of performers left him with only my name on his roster. This had him teetering on the edge of the professional precipice. But with the enormous support of his wife and family, and daily phone calls with his last guy, he dug in his heels, gutted it out and rebuilt his business. I am so grateful. His shop is now streamlined, giving me and his young guns the best representation imaginable. In less than a year, he’s done the impossible by taking a handful of film trailer-biz-unknowns, grooming them and making them ‘go-to-guys’. I can’t flip on the television without hearing their voices.

– Ashton Smith


No one hustles like Paul. He flat out gets it done.

– Jamie Anderson


I’ve been training myself and people for over 20 years. Every now and then, and not often, someone comes along that inspires you. your that person for me. Your work ethic, drive, consistency and dedication are unmatched. Whats ironic is that people with your dedication in the gym are often the most selfish, narcissistic ones but your the exact opposite of that. Your sense of humor, genuine concern for others and generosity are genuine character traits that really show what a great guy you are. The transition you have made from this skinny, weak dude to nothing short of a powerhouse beast is to be commended, along with your constant willingness and hunger to learn about health and fitness. Isnt it a Star Wars thing where the student becomes the master? I guess if thats the case then your the gym Jedi! Anyway, didnt want to get soppy on you, just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and who you are in and out of the gym. Your a dream client and have become a great trustworthy friend.

– Dean Buttar, Paul’s trainer of 10 years

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