Movie Reviews


Fast 8 was awesome! One can think that by now they would be getting low on gas with ideas. But with a great script that taps into a little from each film. And a great cast if you like the films this may be your favorite one. I absolutely loved it.

Gifted shows a whole new side of Chris Evans. Truly a great movie without sounding cheesy. It’s one of those little gifts that come up once in a while.

It’s a perfect send off for Hugh. His best performance, X-23 and of course Patrick Stewart. If you are a X-Men fan, this is the Logan you waited for. 10 out of 10.

The LEGO Batman Movie
Totally awesome. Just perfect for kids of all ages and family.

John Wick Chapter 2
Bad-ass period!! Great!

Fifty Shades Darker
I actually liked this more than the first one. If you enjoyed the last, you are in for a fun ride.

Rogue One
Rogue One brings back the feelings I had watching these films for the first time. It’s absolutely amazing with many surprises.

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