About Us


Oh come on, do you really care? Listen, I love movies, I love to sell and represent anything that I believe in, and I love giving great service and having fun while I do it.

Paul Wintner is one of a kind. You will never meet a more dedicated fan of good voice-over talent and movies. It shows in how much fun he has doing his job. He works out everyday, lives with a positive Rocky mentality that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

He is not a manager that tries to baby sit talent. Not an agent. His talents are all very well represented by agents. He is more of a PR guy doing promotion for his talents to land them more work. He is a friend that is always there for his guys and tries to get them all to where they are trying to be. He has a way of doing things that nobody can mimic or learn. It’s a talent of his personality, it’s what makes him who he is. You either love it or not. He has helped build some of the biggest voices in our business of theatrical and television and hopes to always build good, loyal, honest talent for a very long time.

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